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我比较念旧,真要听这首当年听出老茧的歌曲,恐怕还是Lionel Richie和Diana Ross的版本更和我意。my love theres only you in my lifethe only thing thats rimthgy first loveyoure every breath that i takeyoure every step i makeand i...i want to share all my love with youno one else will doand your eyes(your eyes your eyes)they tell me how much you care oh yesyou will always be my endless lovetwo hearts two hearts that beat as oneour lives have just begunforever(woo oh)ill hold you close in my armsi cant resist your charmsmy love(woo love)ill be a fool for youim sureyou know i dont mind(woh you know i dont mind)cause youyou mean the world to me ohi know ive found in you(i know ive found in you)my endless love