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I'm not hearing sound on this one etiehr, except an odd click/pop at about 1:35-ish. However, the key commands and other text make it still very helpful!Just noticed that sound comes on at 13:54.


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Ilari,keep in mind that the Radeon 6990 is a Dual-GPU card (just as GeForce 590 GTX is). This means that the card has two GPUs in it, and behaves exctaly like You had two traditional single-GPU cards configured in Crossfire to share workload.It is known that a 3D application must be developed according to specific guidelines to take advantage of multiple GPUs, and *at the moment* X-Plane does NOT support such a configuration.Therefore You can actually expect similar performance figures as You had a single-GPU Radeon 6970. As for future improvements on this aspect, it is up to LR folks Regards,Filippo