Linux nu este Windows

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Well, let's see, you write about India's decision to have Linux as a clrmuosopy OS: This is huge for a huge country making a huge investment in IT while in Russia you warn of a looming menace of state control over students' hearts and minds via OS they are using while speaking of essentially the same, innovative, open-source, currently most democratic Linux-based OS initiative do I sense any kind of, let's say, political inference here or is it seeing similar events in a different political light? Another thing: if you would have actually read the translation of an article you are giving a link for, you would notice that Russian Linux vendors and providers alliance are stating that they are open to collaboration with foreign software/hardware producers and other parties who agree to respect the fact that applied software (still based on Linux but adapted to national educational standards) will have to be technologically independent (i.e. not a copy of other national models). So the big bad state in Russia (and, admittedly, it is in many cases) is only adapting the OS to its country's educational needs and simultaneously trying to decrease the foreign- software-piracy levels how controlling, indeed. As far as I know, in democratic India state control and commercialization of education co-exist, as in all other countries, including Russia. The trick is the balance, which I think what concerns you when you warn of too much state involvement in this post. Correct me if I am wrong: absolute software freedom is impossible at the moment in most countries in transition on mass-scale as the state still plays the regulating role necessary to transition toward more autonomy. Best regards,Diana