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În funcţie de utilizare, Linux poate desemna fie nucleul unui sistem de operare GNU/Linux, fie o distribuție (sistem de operare) care are la bază nucleul Linux.

Aigars: I really don't know. Debconf is dereiffnt from a council fair in that there are probably many bloggers attending Debconf who get more viewers than the main conference site. So the issue is not so much what the conference publishes but what delegates publish. Also Debconf is dereiffnt in that delegates have to register and you can have ToS displayed at registration time, while with a fair anyone can walk in.My point in publishing this is not to suggest that Free Software conferences should do exactly the same but to show that there is a precedent that not everything one does in public should be subject to unrestricted photography.The discussion that occurred after LCA 2011 (see the above post) was never going to be the end of the issue not even if everyone involved had been nice about it. We are going to have many more discussions as this isn't an easy issue to solve.