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RAID, este un acronim care provine de la Redundant Array of Independent Disks (matrice redundanta de discuri independente). Practic,e vorba de discuri fizice intr-o singura unitate logica in care discurile din matrice sunt interdependente. Diferitele tipuri de sisteme RAID urmaresc doua scopuri cheie: cresterea fiabilitatii datelor si cresterea performantelor I/O. Despre mai multe discuri fizice configurate pentru a folosi tehnologie RAID se spune ca sunt intr-o matrice RAID. Aceasta matrice distribuie datele pe mai multe discuri, dar matricea este adresata de catre sistemul de operare ca un singur disc. RAID poate fi utilizat pentru mai multe scopuri.

Too often in our lives experiments are put on real sytsems, whether the country's economy, a separate organization or system management of a complex intersection. The person accepting the decision, hopes thus for the insight, intuition and good luck. To a bowl of all it in anything good does not result. Decision-maker, is hoping with its insight, intuition and luck. Most often it is any good does not. " Wanted as better, and it has turned out as always " the usual characteristic of such decisions. " We wanted the best, but it turned out as always " This is the usual characteristics of such solutions.Low efficiency of the administrative decisions made on the basis of intuition, speaks that, that causes and effects in complex(difficult) sytsems are carried in time and space, therefore it is difficult for person to predict, what consequences will be caused with this or that decision. The low efficiency of management decisions made based on intuition, because the cause and effect in complex sytsems are separated in time and space, so the man is hard to predict what impact will a decision. When for a rating of accepted decisions experiment with real sytsems is impossible or expensive, modelling is used. In cases where the assessment for decision-making experiment with real sytsems is impossible or too expensive, using simulation.Imitating modelling is a development of computer models and production of experiments on them. The purpose of modelling finally is acceptance adequate (i.e. proved, expedient and sold) administrative decisions. Simulation is the development of computer models and the experiments on them. The purpose of modeling is ultimately the adoption of adequate (ie sound, feasible and implementable) management decisions. Computer modelling becomes today an obligatory stage in acceptance of critical decisions in all spheres of activity of the person in connection with complication of sytsems within the framework of which the person should operate and which it(he) should operate. Computer simulation is now an obligatory stage in making responsible decisions in all areas of human activity in relation to the complexity of sytsems in which a man must act, and that it must manage. The knowledge of concepts, principles and opportunities of imitating modelling, skill to build and use model are necessary requirements to a polic

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Desi RAID poate proteja impotriva defectarii fizice a harddiscurilor, datele sunt totusi expuse distrugerilor datorate defectelor software sau hardware.

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