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Hi Sedabi, I appreciate the faedbeck!Regarding FRAPS and the high FPS (more than 60), I believe I have a solution to the problem. The DirectX rendering logic I had in previously was lazy and rendering in all available idle GPU time. I have a change checked in that will get I'll be releasing soon.I do not know if or when I will add any features that take advantage of the processor speed setting that was on the latest versions of FreeDO. I haven't looked into the details of how I should add the feature. But, I can at least let you know that I know the feature you're referring to.I have looked into doing 640 480 rendering before, but this performs poorly. This is another feature I'm not yet sure how to work into 4DO. This is due to software rendering being slow. I suspect I will probably not add this feature. Ultimately, I hope that Altmer completes a prototype with hardware-accelerated graphics and someday chooses to share it with me.