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What is CentOS's relationship with Red Hat®, Inc. or RHEL? There is none, nada, zip, zero.

CentOS-x is NOT a Red Hat®, Inc. or Fedora™ Core affiliated product or project.

The CentOS Project is not affiliated with or supported by Red Hat®, Inc or the Fedora™ Project.

CentOS-x is NOT supported in any way by Red Hat®, Inc. or the Fedora™ Project.

CentOS-x is NOT Red Hat® Linux, it is NOT Fedora™ Core. It is NOT Red Hat® Enterprise Linux. It is NOT RHEL.

CentOS-x does NOT contain Red Hat® Linux, Fedora™ Core, or Red Hat® Enterprise Linux.

CentOS is built from publicly available open source SRPMS.

See About CentOS if you have any questions.

And this is exactly what out article says, but in less words (Nicubunu 6 februarie 2009 08:48 (EET))